Who is MCB?

Muslim Cemeteries Board is an incorporated charity association in NSW. We serve ALL Muslims in NSW regardless of their sect, origin or affiliation.

Established in 2002 with the sole objective to help the Muslim community through provisions of funeral services and burial sites, MCB has been serving Muslims throughout NSW and beyond.

Prior to forming MCB, founder Mr Kazi Ali and other community leaders have been leading this effort since 1984.

We deal with all cemeteries particularly the ones with separate burial section for Muslim’s such as Rookwood and Kemps Creek. We have a Memorandum Of Understanding in place with Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust that operates a number of large cemeteries in NSW.

We are a non-profit charity and the services we offer are totally free of charge.

MCB’s Objectives

  • To liaise and co-operate with Commonwealth, state and municipal authorities, including joining as a member of any burial service organization, lobby group, government committee, etc., that may further the interest of the Muslim community; to keep abreast with up-to-date law and provisions affecting burial services
  • To liaise with the Islamic Council of NSW, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, National Zakat Foundation and other charitable organizations whose charter or activities extend to Muslim needs in relation to funeral and burial services
  • To co-ordinate, initiate and undertake efforts to raise funds in any manner whatsoever for the object of the association
  • To purchase land, building assets and equipment if required to enable the provision of efficient burial service
  • To liaise and co-operate with existing and new funeral services and cemetery trusts to share knowledge and resources which serve the Muslim community
  • To co-ordinate with deceased family, community leaders, imams, funeral houses and cemetery operators for the provision of Islamic funeral services such as washing rituals, covering of bodies, offering prayer over deceased, digging graves and other ancillary services to complete burial in accordance with Islamic tradition

While it is within the charter of the association to establish and operate a funeral parlor to provide funeral services and burial sites, including at a discounted price or free of charge to those from financially disadvantaged families, MCB does not operate funeral parlors. It primarily plays a facilitation role centered around Muslim burials, focusing on helping grieving families by assisting with funeral co-ordination in line with Islamic religious obligations, rituals and traditions.