Our Services

Assistance in purchasing burial plots

  • MCB works in close cooperation with cemetery operators such as Catholic Metropolitan Cemetery Trust and can help purchase burial plots when required. Some cemeteries offer prepurchase plans for individuals and families, please contact MCB with enquiries on location and availability of plots

Coordination with funeral directors

A list of funeral directors known to MCB can be found on this website.  Please note the list is NOT a  preferred supplier list it is simply a list of funeral houses MCB frequently deals with; there may be  other funeral directors  who deals with Muslim burials in Sydney.

MCB is happy to be contacted with specific matters related to dealing with funeral houses, their services, cost, access to cemetery and other burial related issues.

Assistance with religious ceremonies and rituals

The first point of contact for an Imam should be the local mosque or community leaders who can arrange a sheikh belonging to the deceased’s community. Most Muslim funeral directors can arrange an Imam for Zanaza, some even offer this as part of their service. Please contact MCB if you need help arranging an imam for the Zanaza of your loved ones

Zanaza is generally conducted in a mosque or a place preferred by the deceased’s family, but open spaces at the cemeteries can also be used.

Burial Site Assistance

Traditionally, worshippers proceed to the burial site to complete the burial and lay the deceased to rest. It is important to have at least 5 people at the burial site to carry the deceased to his/her resting place. If you have difficulty finding adequate community members to help, MCB can assist.

At Kemps Creek, a MCB representative is available to supervise burial site work and religious compliances.

Assistance in destitute burials

Unfortunately, there are occasions where a deceased leaves behind no family or friends to assist with his/her burial. This can happen for many reasons, e.g temporary residents with no local contacts, a person in economic hardship, a person with family who may not be Muslim or unwilling to carry the cost of a burial.

In such situation community members and authorities are encouraged to contact MCB regarding our destitute burial service. MCB will offer burial for qualified destitute and manage the entire process dealing with the authorities, coroners, funeral houses, cemeteries etc and offer the deceased his/her last rites totally free of charge.
Burial is a community responsibility, if you are in health-care and know of a deceased identified as a Muslim in a morgue or in a hospital with no one to claim the body or know of someone in his/her final days needing assistance with burial, please contact MCB.