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Death is an irrefutable fact; even though we lose ourselves in worldly affairs planning 3, 5 or 10 years ahead as if we will live for ever; Allah reminds us, shows us many signs, one of them is death of family and friends, making it clear that the next burial could be our own.
We all know, listen to and read the verse in Qur’an that translates to “a soul belongs to Allah and will return to Him in time”, still it is a devastating and painful experience when someone passes away. It hurts to our core, depth of a pain only those involved truly feel and experience. Friends and family will offer condolences, sympathize even empathize often advocating prescribed way in Islam on how to deal with such inconsolable loss. Professionals, psychologists, counsellors will explain to us stages of grief, how long it lasts and to ease your pain, but there are no standard stages of grief, there are no set time line to pass. Grief is an individual emotional experience that comes and goes, takes as long as it takes. It often depends on the relationship of two individuals one of whom is now gone. It affects individuals, family units and extended family sometime with snowballing effect. Often. we blame ourselves for doing something or not doing enough going through various scenarios, “Could’ve”, “should’ve knowing all too well it was Allah’s plan and decree.
Time does not heal such a loss it only allows us to learn to live with the loss.  If you are grieving or struggling with issues that appear to be beyond control, please contact us for support. There are people available to lend a shoulder to cry-on and offer a hand in easing your burden. Likewise, if you have the expertise and willing to help someone experiencing difficulties coping:

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Listed below a number of Australian Government and Community resources available to help individuals and families needing help