In recent weeks MCB has been receiving increasing number of requests to pre-purchase* burial plots for future use. We are all aware of the acute shortage of burial places in NSW. While the State Government has started various project initiatives to address this situation,  most of those projects are part of a long term strategy rather than to address short & medium-term demand. 

At present, Kemps Creek Cemetery is the only cemetery that has a reasonable number of burial plots set aside for Muslims. However, given the number of uncommitted plots remaining, and based on current level of daily interments, it is projected that all remaining plots will be allocated in about 6 years; pre-purchase* of plots for future use is substantially shortening this time horizon. 

MCB has therefore requested Catholic Cemetery Board to cease allocation for pre-purchase* at Kemps Creek Cemetery and only dispense* burial plots for immediate usage.

There may still be some plots available through Community Organizations who have reserved plots in the past for their communities, please contact them directly for any enquiries.

MCB is currently in discussion with Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust looking for any opportunity to establish a Muslim burial area in 2 cemeteries under their management; discussions are also continuing with Catholic Cemeteries Board to avail Muslim community an area in the newly approved Wallacia cemetery.

It is important to note, establishment of faith based burial ground involves long and complex process, often taking much longer than anticipated. Development of Wallacia is a few years away even after the court decision; work at Varroville cemetery is currently on hold, once approval to go-ahead is received the project will resume its construction timeline of 2.5-3 years before coming online for interments.  

We therefore need to continually adjust our allocation strategy for Kemps Creek to extend its availability for interments until such time a new alternative site is accessible.

*License for Burial